14 Nov 04

Finally done! Working Dragon Alpha with two working floppy drives!
Work left to do:

  • Replace flaky RAM.
  • Provide forced cooling (fans), so that it doesn't fall prey to the overheating problems of other prototypes. Although without a top case it does appear to run OK.
  • Build Replica top case.

And here's the pictures of the Dragon Archives own Alpha.

Also pleased to report that Phill Harvey-Smith has Nitros OS9 and DragonDOS in development for the Alpha and MESS EMU.

07 Nov 04

Dragon Alpha screen shots galore... check them out!

06 Nov 04

A FarmFax package arrives, sadly in poor condtion BUT it has some software, "CullCow" and "Trainer" both on cart with instructions.

On the Alpha project, been continuing the work to get the original disk drives working. Have now managed to get one drive to spin up reliably, read a disk and load a file (formated on a Drag 32). But seek errors and no write means there is still some way to go.

27 Oct 04

Well the all the work finally pays of and produces a working Alpha/Professional main board! A big thanks to:

  • Phill Harvey-Smith - For double checking all my work, work on reversing engineering the Alpha ROMs and finally getting the faulty chip out of there!
  • Simon Hardy - on going support and the first to get the boot screen working in MESS.
  • Ian Gardner - help in dumping the ROMs, general advice and his soldering skills in fixing the piggyback crystal board.
  • Tony Duell - general advice.
  • Phill Morris - general advice.

There is still a large amount of work to be done as follows:

  • The original 3 1/2" floppy drives are faulty :-( Technical info on Sony OA-D33V floppy drives seriously needed *plaese help*.
  • The original RAM is a little flaky so some more needs to sourced.
  • Lack of a top case, I feel some serious amount of plastic work coming on to make a replica.
  • No software, if I can get the floppies working there is a small chance I can get copies.

More news as time allows.

20 Sept 04

Still *very* busy working on the Alpha Prototype to bring it back to life. In the mean time here are some updated Dragon 64 schematics.

03 Sept 04

A very quick update to confirm I now have the Dragon Alpha main board. Unfortunately the board is faulty but I'm looking at it :o) Simon Hardy has managed to get part of the Boot ROM going in an emulator so I'll update with pics and the first ever screen shot of the Dragon Alpha soon!

29 July 04

A long time since a good update here are a few to keep you going. In the last few weeks I have spent *alot* of time investigating the Dragon Beta board, making adaptor to run off a modern ATX power supply etc. But pretty much as expected the Beta is poorly and non functional. More in the Hardware/Beta section.

More good news is that there is a Dragon Alpha main board with bottom section of the case with *my* name on it! Should be in possession in about a month.... more info to follow....

16 March 04

** WOW!! **

I have come in possession of a Dragon 'Beta' prototype mainboard (aka Dragon 128). Along with it comes a PSU, disk drives and the drive/PSU shelf from a Dragon Alpha! Alot of work to do, but I'll post pics soon. If you have any information please, *please* do get in contact as this is going to be a tuff one to get roaring again.

20 February 04

A real update! Pictures of the FarmFax Dragon 32.

Forget to add to my 2003 review *most played games of 2003*:

Dragon Game : Cave Hunter
Retro Game : Galaga - MAME
Current Game : Project Gotham Racing - XBOX
Neo Retro : Space Channel 5 & REZ - Dreamcast

08 February 04

A quick summary of recnt events can be found here!

11 September 03

Been quite a while since an update so here's a quick summary:
* Many thanks again to Gareth, Rob and Simon for their continuing support.
* On new stuff a small selection of software and a boxed disk controller.
* Plus a small update of pin outs for the Dragon in the Technical section.
* And sorry about the pop up and banner from my domain reg company, but monies too tight to spend on removing such things.

23 July 03

Found an excellent write up on the 80's and the technology. Please check it as I make a start on my look back at the times that shaped the Dragon with a Kick Up The 80's

14 July 03

Got an interesting quote from John Young who had an interview and Dragon Data.

Also if anyone wants a Dragon 32 (not boxed) please get in contact in the next week, otherwise their off to ebay.

26 June 03

Update on Dragon 64 pics with the arrival of a Dragon Data mailing box and a Dragon 64 box - all in excellent condition. FANTASTIC!

19 June 03

Should have done this a couple of weeks ago, so here they pictures from my visit to the opening of a home computer exhibition at MOC@S.

7 June 03

At last! A good few weeks pays off with Dragon T-Shirts and Mugs now available from a link up with UK Geek. The first new Dragon goodies for about 15 years, I thinks!

5 June 03

New advert "What would I do with a GEC Dragon 64?" now available .

2 June 03

Just when you thought you'd never see another Dragon Professional, pictures of a second, yes a second Professional arrive in my inbox! Many thanks to the owner for taking the time to take the picture and forwarding them on.

20 May 03

Thanks to Robert Olive for the arrival of boxed 'Dragon Mountain' cassette and 3 loose tapes with the rarer N305?? codes.

12 May 03

Added the source code used to test Dragon 32's during their burn in period in the factory, in the technical section.

11 May 03

Been far to long without a real update, so I've updated all the cartridge descriptions to show the know variations in packaging.

9 May 03

Sorry about the lack of updates people but I am working on a Dragon related project, hopefully should be sorted out in the next couple of weeks.

Once again my thanks go out again to Simon and Robert for continuing support of my Dragon efforts and to Adrian for his general retro support.

31 Mar 03
Circuit diagrams for the Dragon 32 are now avalable in the Hardware/Technical section. Again, not ot the best quality, but still better than nothing.
29 Mar 03
Many thanks today to Mr & Mrs London for the Dragon 32! and an OS9 system disk arrives courteous to an ebay contact, which now means a complete OS9 System.
28 Mar 03

Stop Press 3 is now available for download.

26 Mar 03

Contact with Miguel Durán brings confirmation that Eurohard did work on the Dragon 128 and some 'slightly' better pics of the Dragon MSX. Some searching through old Dragon literature finds another picture of a Dragon 200 and a picture of the Dragon QD drive.

6 Mar 03

The technical section get a nice update with the circuit diagrams for the Dragon 64. Not the best quality, but still better than nothing.

5 Mar 03

A Bumper crop of Dragon Software arrives, including boxed Black Santum, Moon Hopper, El Dianblero and a *big* collection of other Dragon titles. *Many* thanks to Robert Olive for sorting this lot out! Robert has alos been very busy producing a list of all known Dragon games ever published a small bit of Cut 'n' pasting and it will here shortly.

An update from Simon Hardy on the D32 board jumpers and basically "Don't play with them or you could fry the RAM chips."

On the web re-design front, Concept 2 - 'Modern' is winning 4:1, so if you want to keep that 80's look get emailing.

2 Mar 03

The arrival of the D64 meant pulling out all the cupboard so I took the opportunity for better pics of the early Dragon 32 box and added pics of the RAM piggyback boards.

1 Mar 03

Finaly managed to get a nice looking Dragon 64 (@ the bottom), with no mods ;o))

25 Feb 03

Some more research pays off as I bump into Lyndon Davies, who was with Dragon Data from the very begining , through to the bitter end, including some time at Eurohard! More details added into the Dragon Data Quotes (History). So *many* *many* thanks to Lyndon for spending a great deal of time on the phone and my stupid emails.

With this information from Lyndon it is now OFFICIAL that the Dragon is a Tandy clone.

24 Feb 03

A good few evenings work pays off with the disk drive manual "An Introduction to Dragon DOS" is now available for download in the Publications section. Thanks to Duncan Smeed for the manual and Simon Hardy for getting me started on the OCRing.

13 Feb 03

A few pics from my visit to the first museum in Britain dedicated to computing. This is a major move forward in trying to get computing history preserved and for all to see, find out more... And wishing all the best to the museum for the future.

2 Feb 03

Happy New Year or Ground Hog DAY!! (depending on where you are), but it's bad news for North America as Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow during the annual Groundhog Day ceremony.

28 Jan 03

You can now now search the Dragon Data Archive for everthing you need! Please follow 'Search The Archive' on the left hand menu. Enjoy and any problems please let me know.

23 Jan 03

Added an iternview with Tony Clarke(Taken from Dragon User) into the time line (April 83). Thanks to Simon Hardy for helping out with the formating.

22 Jan 03

A small update of adding the Peaksoft history into the Non-Dragon Data Quotes section and whilst we are on Peaksoft, it has now started trading again, with mail order books, plus starting a record label and publishing their first CD!

Also done some more work on Drgaon Data history, which I hope to publish soon, just awaiting approval from the source.

20 Jan 03

The web site move is over and a couple of updates to boot.

Plus a special *big* thanks to Paul Jones for the new web space.

18 Jan 03

Due to site move and general disruption, I've put in some changes:
1. History section opens with the starts of a timeline and quotes from Dragon Data Employees and fans.
2. The Technical sections gets it's first update with scans of the Pipkin and Cartridge PCB's.
3. The Gallery has now closed, but the Hardware related pics can still be found in the Hardware section and everything else has been moved into the History section.

17 Jan 03
*Many* thanks to Tudor and striatum.org for the free hosting over last year!
15 Jan 03
Please Help! This is a plea for help, my most generous web space host is closing up shop and I'm going to be out of a home as of this Friday (15th Jan 03) so is there anyone out there who can offer me web space (v.cheap) it would be *most* appreciated. I'm currently running around 25Mb but sure to be 30Mb+ this year.
4 Dec 02
What have is going on?? a month without an update!! Well real life has taken over and no time for updates but I have have done some work offline on Dragon Data history, apart from that very little :-/. I'll do my best to find something worth adding this week. All the best and I hope you enjoy the festive update on the 'top bar'. BFN!!
3 Nov 02

Issue 2 of 'STOP PRESS' in now available for download.

2 Nov 02

1. Detail added for the Happy Birthday tape.
2. 'CRANKY' from the 'young learner' series in a small padded box arrives, thanks to Wayne for the deal.

1 Nov 02

Gareth Tuttiett again sorts through his personal archive and comes up with some rare pictures of the Port Talbot factory. Please check out the gallery for Dragon Data, for Kevin Stephens and the outside of the Port Talbot Factory.. *Many* thanks to Gareth

31 Oct 02

A picture added of the Finlux Dragon.

29 Oct 02

Time for an update I think.
FIrst up *MANY THANKS* to Simon of the Dragon Archive for a box stuffed full of Dragon sofware, which pratacly doubles my Microdeal collection in one go! The Dragon Data items include:

  • Number Puzzler - Boxed
  • Cosmic Invaders - Boxed
  • Shark Treasure - Boxed - German
  • Happy Birthday Dragon - Big Box
  • Timscript
  • Storm Arows
  • Shuttle Zap

Sorry about the lack of updates put a sick PET 4032 and the Xbox has been sucking my time ;o), but some good stuff comming n the next couple of weeks.

13 Oct 02

1) The 3rd variation in the BASIC Manual, example has now been added.
2) Work has started on a history section of Dragon Data, it's going to take some time so updates may get thin for a while. To make the History section more personal, I'm looking for personal accounts of you and your Dragon, especially if you have first hand contact with Dragon Data - EMPLOYEE'S I NEED YOU!

10 Oct 02

The 3rd variation in the BASIC Manual, with the Dragon 64 additional information, incorporated into the manual has been confirmed 100% by it's arrival. I'll do a pic etc. soon.

5 Oct 02

Been battling with the MESS emulator and .CAS files to update some of the software descriptions with screen shots. 10 Games updated, just look for the logo. Thanks to Simon for the help.

Also added a couple of internal pictures to the Dragon 32 gallery.

Added pictures of Cathy Hyde and Kevin Stephens to the Gallery.

26 Sept 02

Another fine item arrives from Gareth T., the OS-9 OS box. So along with the instructions from Simon I'm nearly there, just missing the original disk, can you help??.

21 Sept 02

It just gets better and better! Another DRAGON Data Archive *exclusive*, the first pictures of the Dragon Proffesional for 18 years! added to the gallery section. Also checkout my mini write-up on my encounter with the Proffesional.

11 Sept 02

A DRAGON Data Archive *exclusive*, the first ever public pictures of the *first* ever Dragon 32, the 'Pippin' is added to the hardware section, under prototypes.

9 Sept 02

Just uploaded the 'Dragon 32 Addtional Information', the booklet was proveded with early Dragon 32's. Added into the BASIC Manual page.

8 Sept 02

First of the stuff from Duncan Smeed provides an update to the information on OS-9 Programmer's Manual, with scans of the box and extra text.

6 Sept 02

OK, OK! It's been a while but recent events have taken a lot of time! Ok here whats happened, not in any particular order.....

  1. Another set of boxed different joysticks arrive.
  2. Big Box copy of 'Cimeeon Moon' arrives.
  3. Moved house
  4. Got made redundant - 'Giss a job' ;-)
  5. And to round off many thanks to Duncan Smeed (of Dragon ROM fame) digs out loads of Dragon goodies for me to photo and scan. This means in the next couple of weeks some *fantastic* stuff is coming up.
  6. And it that wasn't enough The Dragon Data Archive is one year old!

Oh yeah, thanks to www.binarydinosaurs.co.uk for the nice TI-99.

14 July 02

Well, the house move has began so sorry to report no updates for while but I've got some good Dragon stuff in the pipeline. I'll update as soon as I can.

9 July 02

Many thanks to Jordi who identified the font used on a number of Dragon Data titles, such as ALL DREAM. Anyhow the font is '..a Facsimile Fonts design (licensed by Letraset many years ago) called Yagi Link Double'. AND double thanks to Jordi for sorting out a scan of the original 'Yagi' font. I feel some luverly neon titles could be comming this way ;-).

8 July 02

The 'INTRODUCING THE NEW DRAGON MICRO' brouchure is now also available as a PDF download.

7 July 02

Added 'INTRODUCING THE NEW DRAGON MICRO' brouchure, into the advert section..

Also still working on making the site more 80's and Dragon Data, so a new style of links and side bar are being added (slowly).

3 July 02
Ok, Ok - it's been a while but I've been very busy packing, sorting and with all of my Dragon stuff packed away it's quite difficult to add stuff. So I'll try and spend some time tidying the site a bit, so.. to that end I've added a new style top bar.
8 June 02

Dragon Disk Drive Unit brouchure added to the Adverts section. Also added a better picture of the Dragon 200.

28 May 02

Added a scan of a Dragon Data factory Visitors Pass.

27 May 02

Another Dragon goodie package gets me out of bed early with the arrival of 'Super Dragon Writer II' cart complete in big box., this just leaves two carts left, if you have 'Bridge Master' or 'Logo', please get in touch. Plus the added bonus of a loose 'Rail Runner' cart and 'Calixto Island'. Must run and do some packing.

25 May 02

Added a picture of a Dragon Data envelope in the Misc. section, also includes a HQ scan so you can print your own ;-)

Many thanks to Eddie for the Dragon 64 that made an arrival today.

22 May 02

Added the Dragon 32 - Press Information into the Adverts section.

Would help if I actually uploaded the pics to early joysticks ;o)

21 May 02

More goodies have arrived this week including a mid-style (fan) joystick box in excellent condition and 'Bloc Head' big box with German instructions.

Also added pics of the early style joysticks.

14 May 02

For all your gaming addicts - "Game On: The Culture and History of Videogames", chronicling 40 years of game development, opens at the Barbican in London this Thursday and will run until Sept. 15, when it will travel to Edinburgh. Please double check this before running half way around the country, BFN!

8 May 02

A nice selection of carts have arrived this week.

The variations in software packaging has been updated to include the 'bag' packaging, which I forgot to stick in on the 6th, sorry all.

6 May 02

Added a page showing all the currently know variations in software packaging, under the software section

And thanks to Simon (Dragon Archive - see MORE) for the visit.

20 April 02

Picture of the Dragon Lapel Badge added in the Misc. section.

Got bored so also added a 'Stop Press' release for the Dragon 64 into the Advert section.

13 April 02

Joystick Leaflet added into the adverts section, download available.

12 April 02

It looks like the archive will be moving to smaller premises, so it means 'dumping' large amounts of my non Dragon Data stuff and other 'junk' I've appeared to have accumulated, so sorry to say this is keeping me busy so updates are going to thin for a while.

But on the plus side the big box version 'Starfighter' turned up the other day.

4 April 02

Been *very* busy with one thing and another so the updates etc. has suffured. :-(

As for new stuff a boxed copy of Cosmic Invaders arrives, in the early style logo box :-) and a boxed single disk drive.

Plus a visit to Gareth Tuttiett yesterday with a scanner brings in some very nice items including leaflets/brochures for Dragon 64, Joysticks, disk drive and many more goodies. It's going to take a while to touch up the pics and turn them into something presentable... so hold on for more good stuff. AND if that wasn't enough, Gareth kindly parted with a very late boxed Dragon 32, that's in a D64 style case and D64 keyboard fitted. Thanks to Gareth for allowing me to waste his evening with Dragon stuff.

22 Mar 02

BEFLIX[] of glitch art fame gets in touch and provides us with an insight into how it all game about. Many thanks to BEFLIX[] for use of his material.

13 Mar 02

<Big Grin> Early logo style boxed Dragon 32 arrives </Big grin>

It also came with what appears to be the very early style Dragon Data joysticks, I'll post pics of these when it's confirmed they are the right ones.

Looks like my DNS gremlins are over and I've moved back into my original home (Many thanks to Tudor). For regular visitors I would still recommend using dragondata.co.uk for now, oh and if you do have any problems please let me know.

5 Mar 02
Added the silicon.com article on 'Technologies Time Forgot: The Dragon 32', in the 'More' section.
28 Feb 02
Discovery of another lesser known Dragon Data item, this time it's a different joystick. Apparently released at the launch of the Dragon 32 in a Dragon logo style box. Pictures to hopefully follow in the next few weeks. Thanks to Gareth and Simon for the info.
24 Feb 02
Small Business Systems (Dragon 64/OS9) brochure added to adverts section and as I'm starting to get the hang of creating PDF's a download is available.
23 Feb 02
Calixto Island poster picture now added to the Publications section.
22 Feb 02
Basic details added for the "OS-9 Programmer's Reference Manual", under publications.
18 Feb 02

'Stop Press' issue 1 is now available as a PDF download (Publications).

18 Feb 02

The goodies are still comming in :-)

8 Dragon Data Software posters in excellent condition, still in their original tube. Many thanks to Gareth for such fine items.

Also... A trip to Stephen Knight, brings another *stack* of Dragon stuff, still sorting through it. Once again, thanks for letting all those good memories go.

12 Feb 02

Pictures added for late style joystick and box in the hardware section.

11 Feb 02

A bit of reaserch today has confirmed the existance of the 'Finlux Dragon' - Pics and hopefully info to follow.

The Dragon 32 gets a mention on silicon.com!

10 Feb 02

Far to long without an update, mostly due to production of the BASIC manual into, but it has been worth it.

The manual has now been added to the Publications section, with additional info and available to download :-).

Also been very busy with ebay and a visit to 'The Dragon Archive' brings some very nice, goodies including a stack of OS-9 software.

19 Jan 02

A Dragon *rescue* yesterday brings in another 32 with a box full of goodies, including 3 new DD carts and 1 new DD tape. Many thanks to Jeff of Bath for the gift.

Also added a status bar, so you can see if I'm online and even get in touch.

The manual work is currently stuck on page 118 as I'm have to go back and re-do alot of stuff due to a 'corrupt' font.

16 Jan 02

Started work on the a links page. It a bit thin at the moment but still has some good *stuff*. Just take a look under 'More' on the left menu.
I'm also currently experiencing DNS problems, so please just use www.dragondata.co.uk when connecting or linking to this site.

13 Jan 02

Details and instructions added for FLIGHT.
Moving forward on the BASIC manual, currently at page 103 on the re-formatting.

9 Jan 02

It's been a while for an update but Christmas, New Year and the flu has taken alot of time away. Any how, I'm currently working on producing a Word version of the BASIC manual, it's turning into a labour of love but with any luck it'll be done soon. The arrival of the 20th Anniversary edition of TRON arrived this week, just to remind me what a great year 1982 was for technology ;-) and so added the 20th Ani. logo.