In 'Flight', the sky's the limit. Take off into the world of high-flying pilots ans see how it feels to be in control of your very own plane.

Flight is a graphics orientated flight simulator in high resolution. A range of four difficulty levels takes you from student through to a difficult instruments-only landing.

On the screen you will see your instrument panel and, above this, the top and side views of you plane in relation to it's flight path. At the highest difficulty level you will see only your instruments.

Can you pilot your aircraft through difficult conditions and make a smooth landing?

The archive's own big box version shown (front and rear).

Unfortunately theres some smoke damage on the left edge of manual but luckily there's no other damage to the packaging, just a bit stinky.

Instructions available - big box version (144KK Zip)

Thanks Wayne. (who isn't the stinky culprit ;-)