8th Feb 04

It’s been far too long since an update, real life and now a new job are *sucking* far too much time, so here’s a summary on what’s been happening.

First up is that I’ve been contacted by Neil Clarke the son of former MD Tony Clarke and just for the record Tony is:
“is now retired and living a life of golf in the West Midlands and soon to be emigrating to Portugal”.
No contact from Tony as of yet but I live in hope :o). * Many * thanks to Neil for the contact. So onto the year that was, the Dragon Highlights first:

  • Great contact with Lyndon Davies.
  • Pics of a second, Dragon Professional!
  • The continuing support from all who contacted me and the on going assistance from Gareth, Simon, Rob and Paul.

Looking back at the last year it has been noted that the amount Dragon stuff coming to market and found in the wild is diminishing, although items do continue to trickle in. A quick walk around any car boot last year confirmed that “8 bit era” items are starting to thin, to the point where Spectrum +2’s are no longer to be found 2 a penny. But ebay and some hard hunting on my side does prove that they are still to be found, even if it has been getting harder. The price of retro has been going through huge swings where brand new and sealed Atari 2600 games can be bought for as little as one English pound, what a bargain! On the other side of the coin I’ve seen a boxed Speccy 48K reach over £300 and a Dragon 64 with disk drive (no boxes) over £200!

Ashley Pomeroy has been in contact, so “Kick Up the 80’s” is now reproduced with kind permission
* Thanks *!

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