BEFLIX[] (aka. Tony) gets in touch with and provides insight to his Dragon years.

I was just a typical Dragon32 kid - I got one because a school friend got one, so I saved up all my pocket money! I do remember, even 20ish years ago, noticing the patterns of uninitialised graphics RAM, and thinking it looked pretty cool, but of course I didn't think any more of it then.

It's only in the last 6 months that I decided to relive part of my youth by displaying these sorts of semi-random, computery, pixellated images that fascinated me all those years ago! And the response has been amazing! - asked to present my "theories" on glitch-art at Oslo, plus doing some glitch animation's for a US musician... And it's all due to having had the Dragon32! Funny how stuff turns out :)

Incidentally, the same image was used on some promotional posters for a recent Glitch Art Symposium in Oslo - it's nice to think that this piece of UK computing history is now being spread all over the world :)

Many thanks Tony.