1. Avoid Thunderstorms
  2. Check Spelling of Every Word You Write - Including the Technical Ones.
  3. Work Out How Many Tins of Cat-Food You Have In Stock.
  4. Contact Every One of You Customers
  5. Stop World War III Before It Starts.
  6. Find A Cure For Insomnia.
  7. Check That Einstein Got It Right.
  1. Send Reports Over The Phone.
  2. Spend Sunday Morning In Bed
  3. Work Out What You'll be Worth When You Retire.
  4. Spend A Night With Neil Diamond
  5. Learn To FLy A Plane
  6. Write A Thesis
  7. Claim Your Fortune On The Pools
  8. Book Your Holidays.

Some wild claims there, so find out more and.....
download the "What would I do with a GEC Dragon 64" (766K PDF)

Advert taken from Dragon User June 1984 - Archive's own copy shown.


"What would I do with a GEC Dragon 64?"