DRAGON Professional - Archive Machine

This Gallery shows the Archives own Dragon Professional prototype.
The only know working machine

UPDATE: 12 Sept 05

Given the machine has now been up and running for some time I thought it was about time it looked the part. After main weeks of toil, I have 'scratch' built a replica top case section. Along with this has come a much needed fan and working LED's. A few minor changes have been made to increase air flow and simplify the build but with dimesnions taken from Duncan Smeed's original hand built machine it's pretty close ;o)

    Big thanks to the following people who have helped so far on the project:

  • Phill Harvey-Smith - For double checking all my work, reversing engineering the Alpha ROMs and finally getting the faulty chip out of there!
  • Simon Hardy - on going support and the first to get the boot screen working in MESS.
  • Ian Gardner - help in dumping the ROMs, general advice and his soldering skills in fixing the piggyback crystal board.
  • Tony Duell - Sony Floppy Drive technical info, on going general advice.
  • Phill Morris - general advice.
  • Simon - Sufrace mount soldering skills (Sony floppy disk).