Cardboard Box

This form of packaging was used for the majority of all cassette and cartridge software. As this packaging was quite 'fragile' and awkward to get it's contents in an out many were just discarded this is the reason for many loose Dragon Data cassettes and carts about today.

Early Logo Box

Early Logo Box Back

This was the first packaging style to appear, so far this style has only been found in use with Cartridges. As some boxes have dates stamped on the inside of the top flap, this style was in use until around December 1982.


Mid. Black Box

As with the Dragon 32 boxes there was short lived black style packaging. The side of the box now has a 'window' for the name of the contents to be displayed. The Dragon logos (on the white background) are actually the front of the instructions.

Mid. Black Box Back

Again from dates stamped on the box this style was used from December 1982 for a few months. This style appear to be least common.


Late Black Box

The front of the box now gets a nice picture in the 'window' and a yellow border.

Late Black Box Back

The '32' has now been moved to the insert of the side window and the '32' is removed from the top/bottom and back. Can only guess the impending arrival of the 64 brought this change. Just strange '32' wasn't removed from the front of the box?


Late Black Box - NEW TITLE

For where there wasn't a picture available (yet) this plain black cardboard insert with stickers for 'NEW TITLE' and the title of it's contents, in this case 'Pixel Editor'.

Late Black Box Contents

  • Top Left: Contents of the windows (front and side) where made up of a single folded piece of card.
  • Top Right: The cassette was supplied in a plain case without an inlay.
  • Bottom Left: Instructions - Now about half the size of the mid and early versions.
  • Bottom Right. Mini software brochure.


Cassette Case

Normal Cassette Case

All the cassette cases where in the same style as above, on some covers the title appears where 'COMPUTER SOFTWARE' is printed.

'Reduced Price' - Cassette Case

Later on in the game many items where sold as 'Reduced Price'.


Dragon Data Release

This is standard Dragon Data tape release, with a black tape with white label.

Microdeal Release

After Dragon Data got into financial trouble Microdeal (who release more titles for the Dragon than any other company) took over the distribution of a few of the titles but still using the Dragon Data inlays.


Little Box

This is a small padded 'box' that is slightly bigger than the cassette it's self. So far this packaging has only been seen on the 'Young Learning' which was part of Dragon Data's Educational Software.


Big Box

(book style)

Big Box Front

I like these :o), they really make you feel like you've bought something, oh yeah and look good, showing off the art work very well.

Big Box Back


Big Box Inside

Typical inside of a big box with the tape on the left and instructions right. This packaging must have been especially designed for Dragon Data as the insert below the cassette is used to hold carts. (such as All Dream).

Big Box Inside - Variant

There was one less common variant to the big box, which externally is slightly taller and thinner. Internally there is only space for a cassette. This is the same packaging as used by Salamander Software.


Big Box OS9

The big box was ideal for the OS9 packages because of the inclusion of large manuals with many of the titles, it also added to the perceived value of the product. As there was no specific place to hold the disks they where just placed in loose.


"The Bag"

This is probably the rarest form of packaging left today, not because many were produced but due to the fact that it was just a plastic bag with a cardboard 'tab'. This just lent it's self to being thrown in the bin straight after purchase, once again another reason for the amount of loose Dragon Data cassettes. As this style was used from the launch it can be assumed it died out at the same time as the early logo cart boxes (Dec' 82).


Thanks to Simon for allowing me to photograph some his items.