Expand the power of your Dragon Computer with the Dragon Disk Drive. Simplify and speed up the program loading and data file handling. Fast enough to use as extra memory.


The next step up in the data and program storage from the cassette recorder, the versatile Dragon Disk Drive can itself be expanded as you and your Dragon system progress.
The Dragon Disk Drive is a single half height drive in a coated steel case with internal power supply and is easily expandable to a double disk system by inserting an additional drive. Two double units can be linked to form a 4-drive system.

The controller can support up to four drives, single or double sided capability. Up to ten files may be open simultaneously. Disk operating system held in ROM (Read Memory Only) on the controller card.

Get the full picture and download the document (below).


Download the Dragon Disk Drive Unit Leaflet (1.5MB PDF)

Thanks to Gareth T. the owner.