Finds and News History - 2001

It's been a while for an update but Christmas, New Year and the flu has taken alot of time away. Any how, I'm currently working on producing a Word version of the BASIC manual, it's turning into a labour of love but with any luck it'll be done soon. The arrival of the 20th Anniversary edition of TRON arrived this week, just to remind me what a great year 1982 was for technology ;-) and so added the 20th Ani. logo.

18 Dec 01

Added basic details for 'Children From Space'. As this will be my last update before Christmas, I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Chirstmas!!!

10 Dec 01

A new arrival of an early Dragon 32 leaflet (Family Computer) plus it's been added to the Adverts section.

29 Nov 01

Pictures of the mid style house picture sleeve added into the hardware list section. Re: 24th Nov 01 and 11th Nov 01.

27 Nov 01

Added a high quality scan of the Dragon 32 sticker from the top of the case, into the Dragon 32 gallery.

26 Nov 01

1) Done some research today on Dragon Data Ltd and Mettoy. Discovered that the name 'Dragon Data Limited' has been reregistered by a 'one man' limited company. And as a sign of bad times here are details of Mettoy (from Companies House).
2) Updated El Diablero, Starship Chameleonz, Whirlybird Run and Lunar Rover Patrol updated with screenshots.

24 Nov 01

Re: 11th Nov 01, the Mid style picture box arrived today and quite nice it is too. I'll add pictures soon.

23 Nov 01

Details and instructions added for 'SHAFT'.

21 Nov 01

Updated Cave Hunter, Meteroids and Shark Treasure with screen shots.

19 Nov 01

1) Rescued a Dragon 32 from the 'local tip' but unfortunately the dragon slayers had got there first and giving it a good pounding. But the bottom part of the case has survived along with the PSU (added to the Swap Shop).
2) Been in contact with the current owner of *MICRODEAL* who were the major software distributor for the Dragon in the UK. But it's very unlikely that anything (more than likely nothing) Dragon remains after the buy out in the early 90's and to the best of knowledge, what little Dragon was left at Microdeal hit the skip :-(. I'll keep you updated if any more information turns up and thanks to David for your time today.

18 Nov 01

Discovered 'Swish' this weekend (Thanks Chris for pointing it out) that allows the creation of Flash about 5 times easier and 5 five times quicker. So I've updated the home logo, hope you like it. For those without Flash you can now use the top logo to go home.

16 Nov 01

Details and instructions added for Jumpjet.

14 Nov 01

Contact with another collector brings 3 bix box games, Shaft, Flight and Jumpjet.

11 Nov 01

1) Added the 'Our Chess...' advert to the Adverts section.
2) Discovered a different style picture box on ebay this week, which I have just won :-). Judging by the serial number and the picture on the box, it came directly after the early logo box and before the later style picture box (with chess on the TV).

9 Nov 01

Took a while to get around to it, but an ebay purchase of a Dragon 32 brochure arrived last week and is now available to view in the Adverts section.

7 Nov 01

Updated 'Black Sanctum' and 'Quest' with pictures of the archives tapes.

6 Nov 01

Added 'Dragon Magic' and 'Inside the Dragon' to the publications section, 'D.M.' also includes a number of sample pages.

5 Nov 01
Added pictures of the early Dragon 32 box and created a gallery for the Dragon 32 in the hardware section.
4 Nov 01
Details and instructions added for Sea Quest.
3 Nov 01
The archive now as new home at, so there's alot more space for things and no more anoying '' pop ups. Thanks Tudor!!
Also Shenanigans is added and Whirlybird Run is updated in the software section.
2 Nov 01
First few Dragon trade/sale items added to the 'SwapShop'.
1 Nov 01
Tudor Davies (of first donation fame) comes through again! This time it's web space and plenty of it! So it'll means bags more space for manuals and other space gobblers. Time to get 'packing' and get ready to move!
29 Oct 01
What a busy weekend!! A visit to my brothers sees my Sony TV realigned and is now quite usable + he finds a very early D32 for me (thanks Gary). And if that wasn't enough a visit to Kevan brings back a *huge* stack of retro, with plenty of Dragon Data stuff including Single Diskrive and controller :-), small stack of Software, Dragon Magic book, 4 D32's, a donation of another D32 *plus* loads of other Dragon books and s/w. THANKS Kevan!! ;o)). 6 Dragons recovered in one weekend can't be bad.
23 Oct 01

Synther7 added into the software section with instructions.

21 Oct 01

Nerble Force added into the software section with instructions.

19 Oct 01

The 'Swap Shop' is open for trading, no Dragon items at the moment but they won't be long.
Also a number of updates made to the software section: Black Sanctum, Graphic Animator, Shark Treasure, Dragon Selection 4 and Typing Tutor.

14 Oct 01

Pics of the Tano now added to the hardware section.

12 Oct 01

Re: Aug 29th 01 - OH YES it has arrived! *MINT* and I mean *MINT* Tano Dragon final arrives from the US of A.

11 Oct 01

Ebay win brings in 8 very nice boxed games, including 3 carts!

10 Oct 01

First instructions available! for Stalag and Eno. Currently done as pictures, due to file size issues and PDF's are giving me grief!

9 Oct 01

Contact has been made with Duncan Smeed of 'Inside the Dragon' fame who will hopefully be contributuing in the future. So, Duncan opens up the technical section (under Hardware), with an article on his ROM 'patch' (taken from Duncan's Jotter).

7 Oct 01

All the front covers of 'STOP PRESS' and 'Dragon World' finished in the publications section.

4 Oct 01

An ebay win brings a very nice boxed (new picture style) Dragon 32, with some nice extras :-), it's just a shame the Dragon won't boot (green screen and border but no copyright etc..). But then, I didn't pay some of the ridiculous ebay prices for it.

2 Oct 01

*WOW* First donation!! :o)) Tudor Davies passes on a couple of boxes stuffed with Dragon stuff. Top Dragon Data items include the 1st Issue of Dragon World, every issue of 'Stop Press' and as a special bonus every issue of Dragon User (as far as I can tell) .

I'll spend the next few weeks going though the stack of info and post up any Dragon Data stuff.

1 Oct 01
Pictures of old style joysticks and box done (Hardware section), thanks to CMoS for the pics.
28 Sept 01
All the basic info and pics done for all the cartridges.
26 Sept 01
My personal Dragon 64 gets a good brush up and is now featured in the hardware section.
24 Sept 01
An ebay purchase brings a selection Dragon tapes including 4 Dragon Data cassettes.
23 Sept 01
A Dragon 32 picked up from the local paper. Came with 5 Dragon Data cassettes and complete with all it's leads and manual but the front of the case and keyboard have been well bent out of shape, looks like something VERY heavy has been stacked on it. Also found a nice mascot for the web site,pic here with the Sony TV.
21 Sept 01
Not quite Dragon Data stuff, but rescued a sony portable TV (KV-1400U), the same one that appears in most of the dragon adverts (Acorn's as well BTW) and on the dragon boxes. Unfortunately it's the black version and needs some realignment, but at least it was cheap :-)
5 Sept 01
Crisis point of realisation! Archive Dragon Data…. is born.
29 Aug 01
Ordered something nice (I Hope), 4->6 weeks before it arrives Doohh, I'll update when it arrives.
26 Aug 01
Nice car boot find: Good nick.Dragon 32 with a bundle of Dragon Data s/w and books.
18 Aug 01
A visit to brings me my first Dragon 32, thanks Witchy!.
14 Aug 01
An ebay win brings 3 BIG box games and they look *great*: Lunar Rover Patrol, Junior's Revenge and Whilybird Run.
27 July 01
An ebay win brings loose Meteoroids cartridge.
11 July 01
A purchase from Retro Videogames brings: Lunar Rover Patrol (cass. case ver.) and loose Cosmic Invaders cartridge. My first cartridge :-)
17 Nov 84
Visit to the '6809 Colour Show' The Royal Horticultural Halls, London. A great day out was had by all!
1 Feb 84
Boxed *MINT* Dragon Data joysticks arrive.
25 Dec 83
Boxed *MINT* Dragon 64 arrives ;-)), not quite so mint now though.
Nov 82 (I think)
Boxed *MINT* Dragon 32 arrives for my brother, the Dragon bug has bitten. And he still won't let me have it! :-)

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