An action-packed arcade-style game requiring terrifying accuracy to steer around the screens,

You're an official helicopter pilot on a special mission.

To succeed you must pilot your chopper safely across mountain ranges and through underground caverns. En route you will encounter a force of enemy craft which must either be destroyed or avoided at all costs. Some of these enemies are indestructible, so your reactions must be quick and decisive.

Big box version shown (archives own copy). Original purchased from A.C.C. Software, Abergele, Clwyd, Wales.


Shown left is the later reduced price cassette case release. Notice the main picture is a mirror image, even the Dragon logo on the helicopter has been flipped!

Archives copy show, Thanks Kevan.

Welcome Screen
Score sheet.

In game screen shot, shown at level 1 of the game.

A 'Super Cobra' clone which , which has lost nothing from the original.