Shaft is an exciting and unusual game featuring full colour graphics and it get faster and faster as you play.

The aim of the game is to move across the screen from one side to the other, avoiding the eight elevators moving up and down.

You begin the game at the base of the screen and each time you successfully cross it, a special elevator will lift, you up a level. After crossing the screen safely at every level, you will eventually arrive at the top, when you will be presented with a new, faster moving screen.

Your reactions will have to get quicker and quicker for you to reach the top in shaft.

The archive's own big box version shown and as with alot of other Dragon Data software some very nice cover art work.

Unfortunately theres some smoke damage on the left edge of manual but luckily there's no other damage to the packaging, just a bit stinky.

Instructions available - big box version (72K Zip)

Thanks Wayne. (who isn't the stinky culprit ;-)