Quite a spooky experience opening a brand new Dragon some 18 years late.
Apart from the box holding the PSU splitting open in transit everything is MINT and first opened (and played) by me ;o)).


In real terms this a Dragon 64 modified for NTSC but in a Dragon 32 off white colour case. Apparently the first batches where made in Wales but the rest where made under licence from Dragon Data in the US by the Tano Corp. The machine also works fine on a UK PSU using the video output onto an NTSC compatible TV.

Serial Number Sticker, if this is the 2912th. unit... how many did they sell/make?
Tano manual set, additional software pack and packing check list. The BASIC manual it's self is identical to the UK one but without the registation card.
The On/Off button has been replaced in favour of the Channel 3/4 switch.
Serial port (S.I/O) as in the Dragon 64
Box End, the box actually shows a grey Dragon.
A nice set of software to get you going.


Fancy one for yourself?? Well the kind people at California Digital still have stacks of them (Oct 2001) and they ship outside the USA :-).