Unless you can already write software programs, the usefulness of a home computer is governed, to a great extent, not by its power but by the software available.
After all what's the use of a very large memory if you can't use it properly?
So at Dragon we not only too great care when designing the actual computer we also made sure that the people who designed the software took equal care.
By using only top writers, and by giving them subjects of interest to you, we managed to produce some of the very best programs around.
Take, for example, the Cyrus Chess program. Designed by a grand master it, not surprisingly, won the accolade of Microcomputer Chess Champion.
Mind you, that's just one of nearly a hundred Dragon, software titles available and, although they're all fun, they're certainly not all games.
There are programs that can teach your children spelling and mathematics.
Another can teach you how to type.
And, although some of our titles are displayed above, the best way of seeing our full range of software isn't by looking at this ad.
It's by going down to your local Dragon stockist.

Scan courtesy of Rob Olive