A5 foldout brochure "Ihr Starker BegleIter Ins Computerzeitalter"
German version of the Fire Your Imagination brochure

Download Ihr Starker BegleIter Ins Computerzeitalter brochure (43MB PDF)


HERE it is - the Dragon, the new Dragon 32. He is the first one of completely new generation of Microcomputers, developed and produced in Great Britain - an ideal device for all users.

School children learn playing to deal with computers , young people use computers to studies and future-oriented professional training, Parents are embracing a completely new technology: the unimaginable possibilities of the versatile computer are at everyone's fingertips, so to speak available - it is therefore obvious make this learning process as easy as possible by design.

And here lies the new one Dragon 32 just right: He has a professional typewriter keyboard, with the you become familiar very quickly, then just plug in a commercially available cassette recorder, connect the computer to the antenna socket of a normal television - and you are ready, one incredible adventure to begin, because he assists, writes, calculates, draws, paints, plays, makes music and keeps records.

The Dragon 32 is an extremely powerful device with large 32K RAM (user memory) as standard equipment. This concentrated power can be found within time with the help of the easy-to-understand , German instruction book take advantage of it: the children can use their knowledge acquired at school at home, the parents learn with the children and the whole family is fascinated and experienced. Plus hours of fun the many computer games already available.


Or you process the family finances, create address directories, learn typing or foreign languages - practically everything is possible with the Dragon 32 and its extensive program collection. Of course you can even write your own programs with help of the standard BASIC, which is so easy to understand - and here! This is often where the real fun begins!

Read all about the amazing capabilities on the following pages. Capabilities that the new Dragon 32 brings to your home.


Compare! On other computers in the lower price range, usually one weak point, not with the Dragon 32, via a truly professional keyboard has guaranteed functional reliability, each key for 20 Millions of attacks and a standard layout. Easy for anyone to use.


A COMPUTER has two separate memory. The first, called ROM (Read Only Memory = Fixed value memory), stores the program that controls the operation of your system, it can be controlled by the user not be changed. The Dragon 32 has a ROM of an impressive size of l6K, and it also includes the built-in Microsoft BASIC, a language that is logical and easy to understand. The second memory, called RAM (Random Access Memory = working or user memory), takes your programs on and used for graphics used. The RAM memory is "volatile", i.e. the content becomes deleted when you are finished. The Dragon 32 has a user memory that is used for average demands


YOU will be amazed at how the Dragon 32 colour used - and how clear and distinct how the 9 colors are. BASIC contains commands for drawing lines, rectangles, circles and arcs. Or you design entirely irregular shapes with the DRAW command and copy or reproduce them with the GET and PUT commands, Everything is so easy! Or you can leave your creation with SCALE grow or shrink by 1/4 of their size up to 16x magnification. Are you with finished drawing, use the PAINT command to put colours into the picture.

Up to eight screen pages. You can click on colored graphics create this way and then switching from side to side - correct animation possibilities! Five resolution levels of 512 blocks up to 49152 points are one proof of the powerful Graphics of the Dragon 32. This make it possible to get maps, pictures, graphics, spaceships, drawing aliens etc. - let your imagination run wild!


ALL the background noise you need for your programs can be found on the Dragon 32 and of course melodies, The SOUND command contains no less than 255 tones with a duration of 1/15-15 seconds each, the PLAY command uses the common note names, You can compose your own melodies over five octaves compose and vary, And because the Dragon is set up at home to control the cassette recorder it can be used for playback of spoken words or music via the TV speakers  - as a soundtrack to your program, that's called flexible!


BASIC is, as the name suggests, one of the easiest computer programming languages of the world. But with the Dragon 32 we went one step further.

We use the complete, extended colour version, the Microsoft Extended Colour BASIC. After turning on the Dragon 32 The entire operating system is available to the user immediately and yet it contains all of them possibilities that the specialist expects. For the Example all standard arithmetic operations and mathematics functions, powerful string processing, Screen and print formatting. Everything is standard, including a comfortable one line editor to create programs quickly and easily write.

All of these advantages are detailed in the 190-page, German programming manual included with every Dragon 32. Every step, every explanation is easy to understand, there are around 60 program examples. With his help, the Dragon 32 becomes one the most flexible and easiest to use Microcomputers on the market. Find out more about the wide range of programs on offer.

Download Ihr Starker BegleIter Ins Computerzeitalter brochure (43MB PDF)

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