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Logo is an educational language that was designed to let children begin by exploring and is now used extensively in schools. The learning process is centred around a 'turtle' shape on the screen which can be moved using simple commands. The complexity of the moves can range from the very simple for the younger age group to complex commands associated with a more advanced ability. Some of the special capabilities of LOGO include the use of multiple titles, creation of animation and line orientated editing of LOGO programs. Other features of LOGO include a 'Doodle Mode' which lets children who are too young to read use the program, and the use of variables and arithmetic expressions in the sets of turtle movements created. To support this package a comprehensive, easy to follow, step by step manual of over 100 pages is provided.

LOGO interpreter by Larry Kheriaty and George Gerhold, originally named "Color Logo", was also licensed to Tandy (product code 26-2722).


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